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The Radical Middle East Championship

Epic win for the French as Radical Race Dubai comes to a wrap as the duo Ludovic Loffreda and Romain Lutter from the Lucco team crowned winners at round 3 of RMEC (Radical Middle East Championship).
Competitors come from various countries and backgrounds were part of a steaming and very competitive race witnessed on the fiery Dubai Autodrome.


Despite the shy start, Lucco Team was able to secure a safe third to second positions towards the final laps until they made it first on the podium.


Prior to the race, the Lucco team members Ludo and Romain were approached and asked about their preparations and also their expectations for the race


The Interview:


1. How did you prepare for this race?
Ludo and Romain “We always prepare for a week; we do the testing and make sure everything is working fine on the car. If there are any issues with the engines, we need to make sure that everything is working fine and try as much as we can to resolve any issues in terms of mechanical parts of the actual car parts. As for the mental preparation, we make sure to have long resting periods, calm our nerves and most importantly focus on wining”.


2. What does this race represent to you being it in Dubai?
Ludo “ I’m always excited to race in the Dubai Autodrome because it is easier for our friends and family members to join in, it is very accessible and convenient for them to blend in easily with the race car drivers”.


3. Are you planning to achieve the 4th victory today?
Romain “Definitely, we’ll try to make less mistakes and maximize our potential to win and make it a great race”


4. How is this sport developing in terms of enthusiast race car drivers coming in for a challenging yet exciting events?
Ludo “ Well, everyone here can be an enthusiast or an amateur. People join in for race-car courses and eventually develop their skills and become very knowledgeable about the circuit, train extensively and become just like us… “


5. How do you think you career will reflect on your family and children?
Ludo “ I try every time to set the best example for my kids and show them to never give up no matter what, every time you stumble, get up and do it again, until you perfect it. Before each race I think that have the responsibility to achieve best and be a great example for my child”