Desk cleaning

What is it about cleaning?
Cleaning comes first and foremost. Before undergoing any new activities, undertaking any upcoming project, or arranging new appointments, one has to see clear. In order to be able to look at things with full transparency, one should be able to clean the ground. Emptying one’s room, office, desk, helps have a clearer vision, and restart –properly, from scratch. With all necessary stuff put outside, a cleaned floor, neat and empty shelves and drawers, one would be able to empty all the mind shelves one has and open a new channelization to the stuff of tomorrow, one year forward, one life at hand.


Why do we have to do it ourselves?
A Japanese philosophy prioritized the art of cleaning by oneself as it relates to cleaning oneself. This philosophy states that cleaning could become an art and a spiritual exercise. It means that by cleaning, one finds back the feel to live for oneself, in one’s shelter, while reconnecting with old and universal values.


‘The life of everyday, the use of one’s body and time, the use of pleasures and self-techniques; here resides the bottom of every philosophical quest.’ -Michel Onfray


Besides, once everything is cleaned up from the roots, one can move forward at the pace one sets, in order to implement new projects and take on new challenges. As Goethe once stated, the happiest person is the person who feels good at home… and you could add or at one’s office.


You know that the quality of your life relies less on what you do than on how you do it. Cleaning one’s very own space brings quietness and serenity to the table, but it also motivates the person to seek more opportunities and sets the pace of a balanced life and productive business.


By Marie-Christine Tayah