Revival by Selena Gomez

Revival is the second solo studio album by American singer Selena Gomez. She had started panning it in 2014. As executive producers, Gomez, Danny D, and Tim Blacksmith collaborated with producers including Hit-Boy, Rock Mafia, and Stargate to achieve her desired new sound. Their efforts resulted in a primarily pop record, with elements of dance-pop, electro pop, and R&B connected by a tropical beach sound and lyrics that discuss love and confidence.


The album’s title track, “Revival”, deals with themes of self-care, taking on one’s inner power and self-restoration. It starts with a spoken-word introduction, where she says: “I’m reborn in every moment, so who knows what I’ll become?,” before singing “It’s my time to butterfly,” where “the word ‘butterfly’ reflects both a feel and an intransitive verb.”