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CINDARELLA PARIS launches an upscale 100% hand-made French furniture

Cindarella Paris, is a highly innovative company specialized in designing and manufacturing furniture since 1960. The company based in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris, recently showcases its new innovative products specially designed for the Middle East region.


For more than 50 years, CINDARELLA PARIS assists companies with the interior planning of their salon, from layouts to advice on the choice of decoration.


Cindarella Paris offers a wide range of coatings and laminates. Tone-on-tone or contrasting stitching produce by highly-qualified upholstery workshop.


Cindarella Paris has a long-recognized experience, to further refine customer expectations and needs. This has been achieved by personalizing chairs and wash basin: screen-printing (printing on fabric) or hot-stamping of the name or the logo of the company on fabric. And also by the competency to adapt a catalogue product to any space and to suit customer’s needs: styling units, storage fixtures or units.


In order to fit with local needs, Cindarella Paris also produces special units on request such as made to measure lab fixtures, reception desks, display cabinets, adapted to any space constraints. This means that Cindarella Paris can manufacture unit made-to-measure from designs or interior layout plan.