Go Beyond Gifting – make the cosmic connection First ever birthstone jewelry hits the UAE

Star12 is a unique jewelry concept centered around the 12 Zodiac signs. Star12 is a brand selling emotions. Emotions of love, affection, positive energy and inspiration for personal growth. Because we believe, emotions are the best gifts given.


The company has a product range of rings, necklace and bracelets. Each design comes in 12 Zodiac birthstones. This offers ample choice for the customer to choose from.


Star 12 genuine Sterling Silver certified jewelry, is Italian designed. Each jewelry piece is offered in chic personalized, gift box packing which has personalized message and attributes associated with the birthstone chosen, in different foreign languages for the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.


“We wanted to develop a valuable gift which was bought specifically with the giver in mind and not just something random, bought off the shelf” says the company founder, Maria Akil.


The jewelry is sold online through its website offering free shipping and next day delivery.


Affordable jewelry segment today accounts for 57% of the total jewelry market. Star12 jewelry is surely the right offering, looking at the new global trends in the jewelry segment such as
– Brands entering the market and taking the market share of the local jewelers
– Jewelry is increasingly perceived as an accessory which is changing the spending habits
– Increasing demand for personalized jewelry
– more female self purchasers driven by increasing number of working women and man buying gifts for their women.


About Star12:
Star12 genuine jewelry brand, is a part of Heritage Touch which was formed in 1997 with its presence of 17 retail outlets across the UAE. Star12 currently dealing in Jewelry has plans to expand into customized fragrances and handmade candle range for all the zodiac signs.