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FLOWERS & SENTIMENTS Mother’s Day 2016 Season Introduction

This season, jewellery shines with affection and nostalgia. The beautiful bonds of family unite with symbolic knots on precious keepsakes of love, destined to be cherished forever.


Knotted looks feature boldly and brightly on this season’s catwalks. In the Sparkling
Love Knots series, intricate lines of braiding are illuminated with sterling silver and on trend stone embellishments, symbolising unbreakable love.


Let your mother know just how much she means to you with these adorable heart charms. The pretty shape of the design combined with a sentimental message for a mother, ensures that it will be a treasured keepsake.


The beauty of roses and their association with motherhood has made them a popular choice for Mother’s Day. In Greek mythology, roses were seen as sacred to the goddess Isis, who was celebrated as the ideal mother. Pink roses signify grace, elegance and appreciation.


Feel fabulous this Mother’s Day by mixing traditions and trends, and wearing your heart on your sleeve – literally! PANDORA’s popular bangle has gained a beautiful new heart shaped clasp and a sweet engraving, making it the perfect carrier for a family themed collection.