Tips to fight your stress!

Do you know that the best way to fight stress is to know the reason behind it?


Still, in order to find the causes of stress, you need to be clear minded and energized first.


Here are a few tips how!

Take control.
Grow a more positive outlook and self-image and regain a sense of control by dealing with the events that are occuring in your life, accepting the things you can’t change, and focusing on what you can.


Give time to silence.
Live a kind of intense absorption for five minutes, and let the words fall apart to clear your mind 2 or 3 times a day. It’s a brilliant anti-stress.


Reset your physical training schedule.
In order for it to be happy, your brain needs to be on a schedule, realizing the difference between day and night. Expose your retina to sunlight by taking a walk outside (for 20 minutes, 3 times a week) without your sunglasses and spend time doing sports you really enjoy.


Build a support system.
Know that if you share your problems they will be halved. Friends and mentors help you see more positive light.


Block your resistances.
Keep in mind that change is always good. Block your resistance to change and be open for new goals and challenges.


Keep learning.
Continuing education and a strong grip on what’s current in healthcare careers make you less likely to procrastinate. This is the beat stress trigger you’d ever have.


Become a Volunteer.
Helping people who are often in situations worse than yours will help you put your problems into perspective.


Make someone smile every day.
Start with a smile at the supermarket cashier. Bring a flower to someone for no reason.