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Bourjois for La Serre

Award winning restaurant La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie reveals its collaboration with the most Parisian beauty brand: Bourjois!


Ahead of Valentine’s day celebrations, Bourjois will be gifting ladies at La Serre with a capsule collection curated especially for the most romantic day of the year. Indeed, today and for over 150 years Bourjois enables all women to enhance their natural beauty through French quality make up, colour and fashion expertise.


Mrs. Farrah Gray, Marketing and Communications Manager for La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie: “We are very excited to have Bourjois bring the extra Parisian touch to La Serre and show our guests the spirit of Joie de vive !”


La Serre respects the rich heritage of Bourjois whilst sharing a similar ethos of maintaining exceptionally high standards. Bourjois will gift all of the ladies at La Serre, the team and the guests with the iconic Little Round Pot and famous Rouge Edition Velvet matte lipstick.


Bourjois will provide gift bags to all ladies dining at La Serre on Sunday 14th February!