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UAE, December 29 2015: 909 MUSIC bridges reach between music composers and media pro-ducers through a digital marketplace for royalty-free background music. The platform enables media producers to instantly discover music by selecting moods and inputting tags. To increase efficiency they may post specifics of their requirement on the platform; to which music composers will respond with relevant and music tracks in accordance with their budget.


The company is visionary in terms of mapping two interdependent yet divided business networks. “It is not uncommon for one to find the same ambient tunes in two or more internet videos, if not the same then possibly very similar” says Arnav Srivastava, CEO at 909 Music. “The possibility of having a huge wave of fresh melodies that may suit a variety of stories, settings, moods and zeniths of your creative films is is now very real!”


909 Music has over 600 registered music composers that offer 15000+ compositions in a wide range of styles, moods and genres for any type of media imaginable for sale. The digital platform enjoys the subscription of over 3000 media customers who are offered a simple unlimited usage licensing model. The music composers receive 50% of every sale for their compositions while making their music ac-cessible to the masses.


The myriad responsibilities of a video producer; from having to script, visualize, realize and marry vis-uals and sounds can be overwhelming, simply because there are too many places to look” says Ar-haan Srivastava, CMO at 909 Music. “The 909 Music Marketplace now lets filmmakers browse through a variety of music in a wide range of styles, moods and genres for any type of media imagi-nable and all in one place”


909 Music is co-founded by partners Arnav (CEO & Music Composer) with 10 years of experience in making music for a wide range of media projects such as Feature films, TV Commercials, TV Shows, Documentaries, Short films, Video games, Fashion shows etc and Arhaan (CMO & Filmmaker) who has worked on multiple projects in the new media space and has gathered tremendous knowledge over 7years on projects ranging from Feature films, TV Shows and Short films to 3D modeling and VFX Projects.


The company operates out of Dubai and serves customers around the globe.