Haya’s skin secret on Instagram? No filter, just BB! Thanks to Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream!

Garnier spokesperson and Instagram star Haya Abdulsalam’s, shows her flawless, close-up perfect skin in every photo. A natural beauty, Haya does not believe in using a filter for her Instagram photos. Yet every one of her images on social media is a testament to her beautiful confidence and stunning skin! So what is Haya’s secret to fresh, smooth, blemish-free skin on Instagram? She says: “I want to have perfect skin, but stay natural, that’s why I don’t need a filter, all I need is BB.” As Garnier’s brand ambassador, Haya knows that Garnier BB Cream is your skin’s best friend. Garnier BB Cream is Haya’s ultimate beauty secret!


Garnier BB Cream is the all-round solution for skin. It provides a daily multi-benefit care with moisturizing, protecting and unifying properties to keep every woman’s skin looking and feeling healthy-looking.


With BB Cream, Garnier has created an innovation that makes it the BB cream expert, always understanding and meeting the needs of every Arab woman.


Now, with Haya Abdulsalam as the fresh new face of Garnier in the Middle East, and at the helm of the #NoFilterJustBB campaign, Garnier renews its promise of natural beauty to Arab women, bringing added inspiration to stay looking fresh, healthy and genuine, whether in real life or filter-free on Instagram. There’s no need to apply a filter on Instagram when you can apply Garnier BB Cream and get flawless skin just like Haya.


Garnier BB Cream is the five-in-one solution for every skin need. It evens out your skin tone, while blurring imperfections and lines and bringing a healthy glow to the skin. It also provides 24-hour moisture and protects skin from UVA/UVB rays. This makes it a smart skin solution for every woman, no matter what her requirement or shade.


Garnier BB cream comes in a wide range of options to suit every need.
• BB Classic is available for all skin types, in three shades, ranging from Extra Light, to Light and Medium.
• BB Oil-Free is ideal for greasy skin and comes in two options of Light and Medium.
• BB Eye Contour is designed to treat under eye dark circles, and comes in both Light and Medium.
• BB SPF50 provides effective sun protection and is available in both Light and Medium.
• BB Pure Active in Light and Medium, will cover imperfections while creating a smooth, flawless look.