Luxury Furniture ‘Reflex’ joins Western Furniture’s superb portfolio of brands

As the first design company to use Murano glass as a base for its tables, home furnishings by Reflex harmoniously blend technology, design and research with tradition


Dubai, UAE (20 January 2016): Western Furniture LLC, the premier retailer of upscale home furniture in the UAE, is happy to welcome luxury Italian furniture brand Reflex into its portfolio of world renowned brands. Innovation continues to be a hallmark of Reflex and it is the first design company to use Murano glass as a base for its tables.


Born over twenty years ago, Reflex is backed by a long family tradition of specialist glass works established in the 40’s. In its highly artistic creations, the linear essentiality of the industrial glass is enriched and warmed by shapes and colours recalling the timeless heritage of the Venetian handicraft.


In 2015, Reflex unveiled two splendid collections – Angelo and Glamour. As the epitome of luxury, Angelo features avant garde beds with padded and shaped headboards and sides covered in leather or velvet highlighted by sphere-legs in transparent or coloured handmade Murano glass, round beds covered in leather or leather Nabuk with single or double headboard with 360° rotating mechanism and beds covered with leather or velvet with details in lacquered glass on footboard and equipped with automatic system to pull out the television from the footboard. It also includes chest of drawers and nightstands featuring frosted or lacquered glass or Murano glass spheres.


On the other hand, Glamour by Reflex offers home furnishings enhanced by crystal transparence and the timeless elegance of gold and is designed for rich, historical homes located by the side of rivers or lakes as also for luxury flats with broad windows and resorts, presenting exquisitely shaped sofas and chairs and glass top dining tables featuring intriguingly shaped Murano glass legs.


Mikdad Bhabhrawala, CEO of Western Furniture said, “As the luxury capital of the Middle East, Dubai has always sought the exceptional and high end creations of the finest kind and furniture by Reflex captures this vibe with its exclusively designed pieces, highlighted by the use of Murano glass. So we at Western Furniture feel very proud to welcome the renowned furniture brand in our portfolio of brands”.


Experience an avant garde way of living by exploring the classic Reflex collection. For more information and details, visit any Western Furniture showroom located near you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or call +971 4 338077 or visit their website: www.westernfurniture.ae