6 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Besides aesthetics, belly fat is an alarm for body disease. It is important to know that we start gaining weight in our midsection when our cortisol levels spike. First and foremost, it is important to know that stress is one of the primary causes for high levels of cortisol secretion.Focus on these tips and get back your flat stomach in a very short period of time.


1. Get A Good Sleep

If you decide to work late at night, have a second thought. When you experience cyclical change, you end up eating more. When you’re tired your body products more ghrelin, which activates cravings for sugar and other fat-building nutriments. Losing sleep can also modify your hormone production, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, prime reasons for belly fat! Getting about seven hours of sleep a night is one of the best things you can do to get the best results.


2. Exercise in Sets

Stick to exercises that engage multiple muscle clutches and work your cardiovascular system. Try three or four sets of holding for 30 seconds each. Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help.


3. Wipe Out Sugar

Fighting belly fat is 80% healthy diet. Reduce calories by filling yourself up with protein, vegetables, whole grains, and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones.


4. Take Vitamin C

When you’re under extreme stress, you secret more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps balance the cortisol spikes that happen to you under this stress. It also creates carnitine that helps turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin your fat burning friend. Vitamin C is good whenever you’re going through emotional crisis, stress from work, or a bad eating splurge.


5. Eat Fat

Good fats will help you burn fat. Good fat include foods rich in Omega 3′s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are full of nutrients that help keep you satiated throughout the day.


6. Breathe…

Whenever you feel too stressed, consciously relax your belly and slow down the breathing. Focus on slowing down the exhalation rather than your inhalation. Simply “slow down”. You will be amazed at the results.


Drink, drink, drink!

Did you know that water helps reduce your belly fat? Here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Start off your morning by drinking a glass of water.
  • Drink cold water.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  • Take sips of water between every bite of food.
  • Keep a glass of water with you at all times and sip from it frequently.