Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil

This Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil is a concentrated dose of nature, happiness, and effectiveness.

I’m very proud of it, and I hope it will help women look forward to cleansing their face every evening all year round as a ritual they enjoy each time

Mathilde THOMAS


Caudalie launches its Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil

This new generation oil perfectly balances complete effectiveness, utter naturalness (with a formula of 100% natural origin), and a highly sensory feeling.

For all types of make-up — even waterproof — and all skin types.



100% of natural origin (containing no silicones, mineral oils or preservatives) and incredibly gentle, the formula of the Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil merges with the skin. The sunflower seed oil and castor oil dissolve make-up, even waterproof products, while Caudalie’s iconic grape-seed oil combines with sweet almond oil for naturally nourishing, anti-oxidant properties to care for the skin. This ultra skin-friendly blend effectively yet gently removes all make-up, even the toughest products, from all skin types (oily, dry, or sensitive) and every part of the face, including the eyes and lips.


Multi-sensory EFFECT

Apply Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil to dry skin with the pads of your fingers. Its incredibly fine, soft oil texture glides under the fingertips to loosen, dissolve, and remove all impurities and all types of make-up, even waterproof products. Upon contact with water, the Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil transforms into a milky white emulsion. It leaves bare skin feeling perfectly refreshed, soft, and moisturized, with no greasy film.


A DELICIOUS fragrance

Sweet almond gives the Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil its unique signature scent: sweet and milky, like a summer dessert. The texture combines evanescence and comfort, to make cleansing your skin a sheer pleasure.



Grape-seeds are a priceless treasure from the vine. They possess incredible nourishing, antioxidant and regenerating properties. Their oil contains a high concentration of linoleic acid, which is rich in omega 6, a fatty acid essential to skin hydration.


Sweet almond oil nourishes the skin and prevents it from drying out. It softens and strengthens, soothes, relieves itching and irritation, and activates skin repair.

Composition: Grape-seed oil / Sweet almond oil / Sunflower seed