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Traveling arrière… through ‘Les Yeux d’Astrid!’

*by Marie-Christine Tayah

It’s through beauty that one sees the ugliness of what was not, through new encounters that one filters the old companions, through a virgin shore that one lets go of memories flows. It’s through crystal clear laughter that one gets to the essence of life throughout its materialistic overwhelming challenges, through cotton clouds that one visualizes across the blessed memories of a little girl, the meaning of life… and death. Through calm ones assesses the midst of chaos. Through an unknown person’s eyes, one sees one’s soul.

Jean-Marie Kassab’s new novel, ‘Les Yeux d’Astrid,’ takes whomever reads it on a flying carpet, throughout the longest journey one could ever have, the one with oneself. Words and thoughts, revealed in bits and pieces, like a woman unwrapping her soul, transport us into a different dimension… A three-dimensional comprehension of the human being, in all its in-depth marvels and abhorrence, its blessings and its curses. So many lives in two… one, reduced to nothing but some sayings, and then thoughts. Thoughts that undress all taboos and prejudgments, and get to the very core of being.

Jean-Marie Kassab’s novel goes beyond what is seen and heard and takes us on a soulful –not to say mystical human trip, so that his readers look in the face every single thing they have accomplished or regretfully done, -be it unconsciously or not, as he reconnects them with the children they once were, back in a time where they used to understand the real meaning of everything.

A book beyond looks.