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Swim Your Way to a New You in 2016 Speedo training aids can change your body in the New Yea

Dubai: 15 December 2015: Speedo is encouraging the ‘New Year resolution’ exercise gang to grab some training aids and head to the pool for a more effective approach to working off the holiday girth.


Speedo training aids are key to any professional swimmer’s kit. Adding a simple kickboard or set of fins to a workout will aid swimmers in their quest for results in terms of endurance, strength and weight loss.


Most swimmers include a variety of tools in their kit bags to target different body parts, improve technique and build endurance.


Kickboards are one of the most commonly used training aids. Also known as a float, the hand-held kickboard puts the onus on your lower body while adding buoyancy to you swim. A technique essential, it allows you to focus on improving your kick technique.


For toned arms adding a pair of Biofuse Finger Paddles to a normal swim workout will produce results fast. These small, lightweight paddles slip on to hands and are designed to increase water resistance in order to build strength in the upper arms and shoulders.


To further increase arm strength and focus on technique at the same time the Elite Pullbuoy can make a normal swim great. The Pullbuoy fits easily between a swimmer’s legs, elevating the hips and legs so the upper body becomes the workout’s focal point.


The last tool in the arsenal is the mighty training fin. Swimmers use these to improve their backstroke, freestyle and butterfly stroke and also to strengthen legs and core. Speedo’s Biofuse Fins slip easily on and off the feet and take a simple swim workout to a speedy, leg-strengthening test of endurance.

– Speedo Elite Kickboard – AED 120

– Speedo Elite Pullbouy – AED 75

– Speedo Biofuse Fins – AED 150

– Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle – AED 60

*Speedo training aids can be purchased at Stadium Stores across the UAE.