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How to Renew Your Skin For the Year Ahead

Dubai, UAE, 9th December 2015: Have you looked into the mirror lately only to see a weathered, wrinkled face staring back? We always wish to tap on the Fountain of Youth, and discover ways to rejuvenate our faces.


Many women turn to facelifts, which are expensive, painful, and often result in a frozen face. There are less drastic ways to youthful beauty.


French beauty brand LPG has always supported « Responsible Beauty ». With its new  LPG Endermologie® anti-aging renewal serum it provides an all natural, easy and gentle solution to erase wrinkles and bring out a new youthful face that can help you greet the New Year with so much positive energy.


An answer to your aging woes, the anti-aging renewal serum can erase 10-15 years from your face and help you achieve a radiant complexion without getting a painful facelift.


LPG Endermologie® Cellular anti-aging renewal serum targets multiple effects of aging, but focuses on stimulating your face to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. You’ll see results after day one with continuing results over time. Ingredients work as a team to restore your dermal matrix.


This product can reverse the signs of aging for the face, neck and hands and works in harmony with LPG’s Endermologie facial treatments. Immediate results include a fresh glowing complexion, toned radiant skin, softer hands,less neck wrinkles and a youthful appearance.


Your lifestyle plays also a huge part in how your skin looks. Following simple healthy rules and using LPG’s anti-aging renewal serum will put you on the path to youth. Remember to drink lots of water and avoid smoking, make time to exercise regularly, get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, take time to relax, and maintain a healthy diet.


Consult your therapist at LPG Bella Concept to awaken your skin with this new anti-aging treatment, at www.lpgsystems.ae.