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A new advancement in fighting dandruff: introducing Vichy’s Dercos Anti-Dandruff shampoos with a breakthrough Microbiome technology. A clear, clean, dandruff-free scalp with a 6-week anti-relapse effect.

When it comes to dandruff, the problem can be persistent and embarrassing as well as difficult to eliminate. One in four women and almost one in two men suffers from the condition, which can negatively impact the quality of life. Although dandruff is caused by a basic scalp imbalance, treating it is considerably complex. Improvements last for a short time only, with the problem reappearing in winter or when the air is polluted, or at times of stress or tiredness. Research has now provided a conclusive link between all of these factors and the formation of dandruff.


Now L’Oréal Advanced Research, in tandem with the Pasteur Institute in Paris has uncovered a whole new way to eliminate dandruff, by better understanding how the scalp’s microbiome (a living ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses) is linked to dandruff. Recent scientific discoveries have demonstrated that dandruff exists when the scalp microbiome is unbalanced. New research now recognizes the vital role this ecosystem plays in our healthy functioning. In the past, the yeast Malassezia was considered responsible for the creation of dandruff, but L’Oréal Advanced Research has proven that this yeast does not act alone. As stated by Luc Guilar, Biological and Clinical Research Director at L’Oréal Advanced Research and lead scientist behind the discovery: “In dandruff, an overall imbalance of the microbiome is observed. That’s why targeting the microbiome in its entirety represents a new approach to developing treatments that are more effective in the long term.”


Discover Vichy’s new Dercos Anti-Dandruff shampoos for Dry and Greasy hair. It’s groundbreaking new formula, based on the Microbiome technology with Selenium DS, clears 100% visible dandruff from the first application*, while calming itchiness and irritation, controlling fungus and bacteria growth by rebalancing the scalp microbiome and restoring the skin’s natural barrier function. The effects are clear; with dandruff recurrence prevented even six weeks after the treatment has stopped.

With an innovative new packaging, the Dercos range provides a pleasant and fresh fragrance, along with a creamy, satisfying texture that lathers into an abundant foam, which rinses away easily. Suitable for sensitive skin, the range is paraben-free and dermatologically tested. The new Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoos serve to underline the philosophy at Dercos, where everything starts with the scalp. It’s a philosophy that has resulted in over 40 years of pioneering solutions for all kinds of hair concerns to which can now be added the first effective, long-lasting dandruff treatment with unprecedented clinical results, Dercos Anti-Dandruff shampoos. A clean, clear and healthy scalp starts right here.