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TUMI Travels to the Mediterranean for Spring 2016

TUMI travels to the exotic Mediterranean for Spring 2016, a region with a tradition steeped in artisanry and refined architecture.  This bustling and beautiful central highway of transport inspires an assortment of travel and lifestyle accessories for the Global Citizen, with  a rich seasonal color palette of vibrant colors including Moroccan Blue, Cayenne, Stone and Gold. Evoking the old world charm of the Mediterranean,  these energetic colors are injected  throughout the various Spring collections. New seasonal geometric and hexagonal prints are inspired by the muqarnas,  a Moorish form of architectural  ornamented  vaulting also known as “honeycomb vaults.” The pairing of strong neutrals such as Blue, Cream and Tan with this geometric  outline creates a marriage  of engineering and  craftsmanship across Alpha Bravo, Chambers, Sinclair and Vapor Lite® assortments.


Highlights of Alpha Bravo in Geo Print include the Henderson Expandable Short Trip Packing Case, Knox Backpack, and the Riley Kit.  The Tegra-Lite, Sinclair and Voyageur collections take shape with a mix of bold prints and accents of color. Silhouettes are designed with simplicity and functional purpose, while the vibrant colors inject personality. Seasonal Cayenne Tile and Moroccan Blue Tile Prints on the Tegra-Lite® International Carry-On and  Large Trip Packing Case reflect the Mediterranean’s cultural treasures through strong visual connections to the handmade mosaic tiles of Morocco.