L’Oréal Professionnel is thrilled to present Hair Contouring as part of its new FALL/WINTER 2015-2016 collection. This hair trend launched by Marc Trinder is inspired by makeup contouring with the same purpose to tailor the effects of the face shape for made-to-measure hair.



Hair Contouring is a very technical coloring technique that allows to visually change the shape of a face. The principle is the same as makeup contouring: dark shades create shadows, while light tones add highlights. This technique is applied to very precise areas, and touches of light require the expertise of a hairdresser. The technique is adapted to the shape of the face and the desired effect: rounding out a square face, or horizontal volume to an oblong face. Thus, enhancing the face shape and highlighting its features. Contouring is not defined by a certain palette of colors; it can be done using the right shades that complement the skin tone and eye colors.

In Hollywood, celebrities swear only by hair contouring.  Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba have already succumbed to this “made in the UK” fashion. Hair contouring is the fail-proof technique for reshaping a face and infusing it with a subtle healthy glow without resorting to make-up.



Women like to stay on trend, and so does Yalda Golsharifi. Before applying the contouring on Yalda, we identified her face shape: a Diamond shape that falls under the category of long face shapes. To enhance Yalda’s beautiful features further – we need to “horizontalize” her face keeping her roots as dark as her natural base and lightening her lengths and ends. Then, to create the perfect Rose Gold, we used BLOND STUDIO MULTI TECHNIQUES POWDER to create a soft ombré.

The hair contouring styling is very flexible. However the ideal styling for this coloring technique is waves, whether it’s loose waves, tight waves or even classic waves as it brings the hair contouring to life.


Yalda Golsharifi, one of the region’s biggest influencers. A fashion icon who inspires women of all ages, Yalda has 620, 000 followers on Instagram, and is an ex-fashion editor, stylist, mother and businesswoman with her very own style.


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