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UNLEASH YOUR CURL POWER! Rimmel London Introduces New 24HR Supercurler Mascara Extreme Black

You’ve mastered girl power, now it’s time for CURL POWER! Wind up the drama on your lashes with new 24HR Supercurler  Volume & Curl Mascara Extreme Black, a revolutionary mascara-plus-lash-curler marvel from Rimmel London. Create long-lasting, ultra-curvaceous volume in the blink of an eye. Make lash curlers a thing of the past!


24HR Supercurler Mascara Extreme Black: Mascara and Lash Curler In One

You’ve attempted lash curlers but they plugged, teared and pulled your lashes …You’ve tried curling mascaras but they don’t hold the curl…  Now discover push-up volume that does not let you down!

24HR Supercurler Extreme Black Mascara is Rimmel’s first volumising mascara with built-in lash curler power that gives  a dramatic, even curl that’s up to 24 hours strong… Lashes are curvaceously volumised and lifted. Proving once and for all that super curves are super sexy!


The mascara’s bold new patent-pending formula, with super curling polymer, gives a lasting ‘perm’ effect. Lashes are visibly curved, volumised and held for up to 24 hours.  Enjoy lashes that are instantly curled and pushed up to a phenomenal 90 degrees – you’ll see the transformation as you apply the mascara, and it sets in a perfect curl.  Spectac-curler!


24HR Supercurler Extreme Black Mascara has a curved eye-shaped brush. Perfectly fitting the contours of the eye, delivering an easy, mistake-proof application every time. The brush’s fibres cleverly lift lashes at the root and extend the full curl effect to the very tip, building full, defined, clump-free volume. Use the mascara alone or as a top coat over your favourite Rimmel mascara to add an extra bit of curve to your favourite eye look.


A super mascara demands a super-stylish look – and it’s got it! The rich purple pack has a sweeping tactile design on its cap with arched engraved grooves to suggest the ultra-curling effect. On the bottle, the Supercurler name is written in a bold, ever-increasing font that’s intersected with a wave-like design to signify a fringe of full, curvy lashes – in chic silver for shade Extreme Black. Eye drawings on the bottle and accompanying blister pack explain exactly how the product works.

Want to witness the dramatic effects of this lash curler and mascara in one? Check out the print and TV advertising campaign starring the supermodel with the super curl, Kate Moss. Follow Kate like you have never seen her before as the supercurling powers of her mascara defy the laws of gravity and bend everything up, up, up into a limitless curve! 


Time to unleash your curl power! Build lashes with breath-taking curve appeal with new Rimmel 24HR Supercurler Volume & Curl Mascara Extreme Black. Get the London look.




Rimmel introduces a revolution in lash curling – a mascara and lash curler in one! Create long-lasting, ultra-curvaceous lash volume in the blink of an eye with new 24HR Supercurler Volume & Curl Mascara.

  • <Rimmel’s / The> first volumising mascara with built-in lash curler power to build a dramatic curl that will last all day.
  • Instantly pushes lashes up to a dramatic 90 degree curve
  • Lashes are curvaceously volumised and curled for up to 24 hours.
  • The patent-pending, bold new formula contains an innovative, super-curling polymer that gives a lasting ‘perm’ like effect.
  • The curved brush perfectly fits the shape of the eye for easy, mistake-free application.
  • The brush lifts every lash up at the root and extends the full curl effect to the tip, to build full, curvaceous, clump-free volume.


On-Counter:             October 2015

Point of Sales: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

Price: 45AED