Lemonade Ibn Batuta

Magnolia Group Brings the Spirit of L.A. to Dubai with the Opening of Lemonade

One of the region’s leading food and beverage operators, Magnolia Restaurants Management Group (MRM), recently opened its first UAE branch of a prominent restaurant chain from Southern California, Lemonade. The inauguration was held on the 14th of May at Ibn Battuta Mall’s China Court in the presence of select local and regional media and online social media participants who were treated to an exclusive tasting session at the restaurant. Also present during the opening ceremony was Chef Alan Jackson who reiterated the significance of healthy eating and Lemonade’s commitment to it.


Speaking out at the restaurant launch, Mr. Nael Mustafa said, “We are undoubtedly extremely excited about launching a fresh, healthy and innovative restaurant in a place that loves food – Dubai! Lemonade is a perfect fit for the people of Dubai who are always on the move and constantly looking out for healthy and nutritious yet appetizing food to eat.”


Lemonade’s first branch in the region captivates senses by bringing the L.A. spirit of adventure about food! The concept is best described as seasonal and nutritious Southern California comfort food in a fast-casual cafeteria setting. Replicating its novel concept and fresh spirit, the restaurant’s ambiance is a bright blend of comfort, colour and convenience with all the design elements having been imported from its vivid hometown of California. Encapsulating the healthy and inventive feel Lemonade is renowned for, the brand’s dishes stress simple preparations with a globally appealing taste, and are the ideal fit for today’s fast-paced and demanding lifestyle and discerning taste. Boasting of a creatively assorted menu, Lemonade consists of a unique, healthy and highly appreciated array of dishes that include marketplace salads, braises, sandwiches and hot veggies among other inventively prepared items. Decadent desserts and refreshing drinks enrich the spirit of the restaurant even further.


Offering an experience and cuisines that are as imaginative and diverse as the city’s populace, Lemonade truly provides you with a choose-your-own-adventure kind of feeling when you eat there.  This is how Lemonade works: Guests can relax and order what they like from the menu, or they can grab a tray and choose from a buffet of prepared hot and cold dishes displayed behind the counter and subsequently embark on an experience that is pleasing to both the stomach and the taste buds!


With food that boasts of the freshest seasonal ingredients and unexpected yet exceptional twists, Lemonade is the go-to place for people who care about what they eat.