Johnson’s® Baby Brings Families Closer Together with Grandparents Frame and App

Johnson’s® Baby launched the Johnson’s® Baby Grandparents Frame and App, which will help make distances smaller and bring families closer by allowing parents to instantly share photos with their children’s grandparents as the vast majority of grandparents in the Middle East aren’t familiar with technology and therefore aren’t engaged in any social platform.


Nurturing close relationships between grandparents, parents and children is so important for everyone in the family, but due to long distances and busy lives, this can be challenging for many expat families living in the Middle East. Grandparents therefore miss out on many special moments in their grandchildren’s lives.


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Johnson’s® Baby launched the Grandparents Frame and App. All people need to do is download the App to their iOS or Android smartphone, set up the Wi-Fi enabled digital frame in their parents’ home and then they can snap away and share their special moments instantly, without grandparents having to use any technology. So grandparents can share in their grandchildren’s first steps, birthday parties and holidays no matter where they are in the world. 


 “For more than 125 years, Johnson’s® Baby has been caring for babies and families. We understand how important it is to maintain a strong bond between parents, grandparents and children.” Said Naureen Mohammed, Marketing Manager, Johnsons® Baby, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan. “We hope that by raising awareness of this app Johnsons® Baby can help families of expats living across the Middle East to share their indescribable moments.”


Watch how the app is helping bring people together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO1yJedFxY4