Tips and Toes | Lash and Brow Collection

Dubai, September 2015 – Tips and Toes, the award-winning beauty salon and spa, has introduced the revolutionary APOT.CARE redefining women’s lashes and brows. APOT.CARE improves the quality and appearance of lashes and brows in only 28 days and is a collection of three essential products for beauty aficionados; OPTIBROW, OPTILASH and OPTIGLOSS.


Great eyebrows are a must as they balance the face, structure facial expressions and add personality. OPTIBROW is an intensive serum for eyebrow growth and is the perfect solution to achieving elegant definition and corrective results for over plucked or patchy brows. With a proven ophthalmologist-formulated serum OPTIBROW uses a botanical enriched formula to gently tint and darken the brow hair as it grows in, allowing for naturally long and voluminous lashes.


OPTIBROW – The safest and the most advanced formula. Unlike other types of treatments for lengthening and thickening eyebrows, OPTIBROW is a prostaglandin-free formula: no prostaglandin derivative, no derivative hormone, zero side effects and zero risk. The innovative OPTIBROW formula can be used by people with sensitive eyes and is the most secure and efficient solution for longer, fuller and healthier eyebrows. AED 185.

  • High tolerance patented French formula
  • Developed by ophthalmologists
  • Clinically proven results
  • 100% safe without any side effects


OPTILASH is an eyelash growth intensive serum that allows for the use of less mascara with greater volume, length and separation. OPTILASH is also proven to significantly reduce natural lash breakage that can be caused from every day cleansing and make up wear. The proven ophthalmologist formula, that is perfect for sensitive eyes, is guaranteed to show results in just 28 days. AED 185.


OPTILASH – The safest and the most advanced formula. Unlike other types of treatments for lengthening and thickening eyelashes, OPTILASH is a prostaglandin-free formula with no prostaglandin derivative, no derivative hormone and zero side effects. The innovative OPTILASH formula can be used by all women, including those with sensitive eyes.

  • An increase of the lash length up to 66%
  • An increase of the lash volume and thickness up to +40%
  • Clinical studies proved the efficiency of OPTILASH in 28 days


OPTIGLOSS eyelash and eyebrow conditioner allows for styling and care and is the final step to beautiful lashes and brows. The innovative rich conditioner enhances the effect of OPTILASH and OPTIBROW, lashes and eyebrows are strengthened, shiny and supple all leading to a healthy and glossy appearance. AED 140.


OPTIGLOSS The highly effective combination of peptides and keratin micro-sphere increases the formation of collagen in lashes and brows. At the same time, it optimises the elasticity and malleability of the lashes and fixes the brows.