In the season marking its 25th anniversary, Sacoor Brothers is using Portugal as a backdrop to highlight the items in its Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 collections, allying contemporary design with its classic essence. This is a journey back to its roots, returning to where it all began. It starts in several parts of the capital and transports you on trips where you can admire the horizon and celebrate family life in a luxury environment.


To represent the Men’s collection, Sacoor Brothers chose two Portuguese men who are known internationally: the acclaimed actor, Joaquim de Almeida, with his more rugged face, and footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is back with the Sacoor Brothers family for his second collection. These two ambassadors will portray the contemporary spirit with a timeless classic base, which has become the company’s trademark over the last 25 years in the nine countries where Sacoor Brothers is present.


Next season, the Sacoor Brothers looks in the classic menswear line will be allying the finest materials with a wealth of detail in the proposals for traditional items with redefined silhouettes and modern fits. Of note are the suits, in a variety of patterns – from false plain, herringbone and check – and with double-breasted jackets, reminiscent of the skills of haute couture honed over time.


The more casual menswear line, on the other hand, opens the doors to a new, luxurious universe, where a diversity of textures and overlaps reigns, with “warm”, comfortable coordinates but without any loss of sophistication. Subtly deconstructed, the models show off a natural acknowledged elegance, the highlights being the jacquard knitwear with a vintage look, parkas and quilted jackets, plain leather or suede jackets and blazers with barchetta pockets.


For women, Sacoor Brothers has focused on a classic line, with proposals for suits with up-to-the-minute cuts – with and without lapels – and with a mix of the finest materials, including leather. But there is also a Fantasy line, with items that go together to give more sophisticated, cosmopolitan looks, in particular pleats and dresses and blouses with a romantic look and colourful patterns.


Sacoor Brothers is also presenting a line for Kids, with a large number of more casual suggestions, maintaining the originality, design and characteristic details of the adult collection, but with several exclusive items with more “fun” details, such as patchwork sweatshirts and polo dresses.


In the season when it celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted history, Sacoor Brothers thus reaffirms its high-end aesthetics, faithful to tailoring rules but with an avant-garde touch. This dialogue between tradition and the contemporary is also visible in the background of the campaign, which invites you to travel along the cosmopolitan Portuguese lines where the label was born, but reflecting the values of the global world it is now part of.