Dubai, UAE; November 15th, 2015


This December, BurJuman is going back in time to the dinosaur era with Return of The Dino! They may have been extinct for millions of years, but from December 1st to 31st , visitors can get up close and personal with an array of fearsome prehistoric beasts as they prowl around the mall.


Courageous shoppers exploring the mall will encounter triceratops, diplodocus and the legendary tyrannosaurus rex, all brought to life by state-of-the-art animatronics. Watch out for the huge dinosaur skeleton, suspended through the corridors, not to mention the rumbling volcano about to erupt at South Village.


However, beware, some of these ferocious dinosaurs will be on the move with their brave zoo keepers. Are you bold enough to get close to a velociraptor or T-rex? Or how about meeting some inquisitive baby dinosaurs who are also on the prowl? Through a rare encounter, mall goers might come face-to-face with a life-sized replicas of various dinosaurs and guests can also have the opportunity to snap a selfie or two with the prehistoric creatures. This incredible live show offers visitors a chance to interact with some of the most terrifying creatures to have walked the earth.


A special series of treats for the kids include Dino’s balloon binder’s, Dino’s face painting, Dino’s arts and crafts workshops, Dino’s crayon painting as well as Dino’s head cut board papers. Return of The Dino will also feature Dino giveaways, as well as a Dino Plush for kids to take home.


The perfect blend of adventure, entertainment and exhilaration, experience firsthand the excitement of BurJuman’s Return of The Dino, which promises unforgettable fun for the entire family.


To find out more about Dinosaur Month, please call the BurJuman call centre on +971 (0)4 352 0222, visit www.burjuman.com or follow BurJuman on Facebook.com/BurJuman, twitter.com/itsBurJuman and instagram.com/itsBurJuman.