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Media Alert: The Perfect Holiday Glow Gift thanks to Institut Esthederm

Dubai, UAE – As the holiday season nears, and gift-giving comes to mind, what better gift to give than the answer to healthy, glowing skin?   Celebrate this season with these perfect stocking-fillers from Institut Esthederm:


A cleansing kit.  The holiday season means fun and frivolity, but not at the expense of our skin.  Look your best with a fresh, even and luminous complexion that comes courtesy of Institut Esthederm’s dynamic duo:  Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser and  Lightening Buffing Mask.


Working hand-in-hand, the Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser eliminates impurities deep within the pores quickly and easily, while the Lightening Buffing Mask helps to gently exfoliate any dead surface skin cells, to leave the skin instantly brighter, radiant and holiday photo-ready!


Institut Esthederm Essentials: Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser & Lightening Buffing Mask

Price: AED 223 & AED 244

Available in leading pharmacies throughout the Middle East


Time Technology Cream. This effective formula works to prevent first signs of aging and protect the skin from environmental aggression. Dull, tired skin is detoxified and the complexion is illuminated with a natural biological action. It also revives the skin’s natural radiance by boosting microcirculation and draining toxins.


Institut Esthederm’s Essential: Time Technology Cream

Price: 412 AED

Available in leading pharmacies throughout the Middle East