Global Makeup Brand NARS cosmetics appoints SOCIALEYEZ as its digital agency

Monday, Nov 9, United Arab Emirates NARS, a global cosmetics brand owned by Shiseido has appointed SOCIALEYEZ as its regional social media agency. With an already established global presence of 1.9M Instagram Followers and 1.7 M Facebook fans, the brand is now ready to branch out its social media presence in the Middle East.


Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO of SOCIALEYEZ said, “NARS is a very exciting brand for the team. In fact, when we first began our brainstorming session, the team was beyond elated on working on this account. Without a doubt we will justify their regional presence and create authentic localized content and campaigns that the fans are waiting for. “


A brand like NARS calls for an artistic touch that passionately advocates for the brand, “Working on a global brand that is new to our region tends to give us more room to apply that strategic creativity we’re so fond of. We’re also fortunate to already have some brand fanatics within our team such as beauty blogger Heena Mak, AKA Ample Arabia.”


NARS fanatics should definitely look forward to their social media presence as they have big plans starting the beginning of 2016.