Inspired by Oriental beauty rituals, Experience the luxurious new Mythic Oil from L’Oréal Professionnel

While therapeutic oils are a major beauty trend right now, they are, in fact, a reinvention of the past. As a trailblazer in research, L’Oréal Professionnel finds inspiration in time-honoured and proven beauty traditions. These traditions date back to the last 4000 years, when women first began to harness the unique, secret power of oils to create stunning beauty.  The result is a collection of plant-enriched, luxurious, beautifully packaged Mythic Oil Oils, three of which have been reworked with new ingredients, to offer more possibilities and remarkable benefits. Mythic Oil Oils are the first hair remedies that are highly concentrated in natural, active oils to deliver smooth, shiny tresses that radiate health, vitality and beauty.


From the moment a bottle of Mythic Oil is opened, the beauty ritual takes on a sumptuous tone of pure luxury.  The senses are enveloped in the rich textures, soothing sensations and indulgent scents of pure, natural ingredients inspired by Oriental beauty ceremonies. The effect is a lavish, spa-like treatment that delivers the hydrating, soothing and softening benefits that are so highly sought-after by women in the region. The Mythic Oil range is recommended by hairdressers for its ability to nourish, strengthen and add shine while protecting coloured hair along with effective anti-frizz and humidity benefits.  Available only in salons as a professional and premium hair treatment, Mythic Oil Oils add a truly special touch to a woman’s daily beauty routine, and can be used before and after a blow-dry.


There are three Mythic Oil Oils to choose from. To add a deeply nourishing touch to your hair, select Mythic oil Original Oil – a rich blend of Avocado and Grapeseed oils. Avocado oil offers protection along with a soothing finish and shine, while Grapeseed oil’s anti-oxidant benefits rejuvenate and combat free radicals. Your hair becomes intensely nourished, with a soft, supple shine. Mythic oil Rich Oil comes to the rescue if your hair is unruly and wild. This controlling oil contains a calming blend of Argan and Rice Bran oils. Argan oil will nourish, repair and renew while Rice Bran oil strengthens and nurtures, giving your hair a chance to recover. Mythic oil Rich Oil offers 48-hour anti-frizz and humidity protection, leaving your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Mythic oil Colour Glow Oil is radiance-infusing oil for colour-treated hair. It contains Linseed oil to sustain, repair and regenerate, along with a boost of Vitamin C from Cranberry oil. Coloured hair is deeply protected and strengthened and shines with health. Mythic oil Shimmering Oil for Body & Hair is the perfect way to unwind from top to toe. Enriched with opulent Magnolia oil to calm and relieve both body and hair, Mythic oil Shimmering Oil offers a delicate and alluring fragrance to fall in love with.