Interview with designer and FFWD16 participant Elio Abou Fayssal


Elio Abou Fayssal is a fashion designer who graduated from ESMOD fashion school in Beirut, and has soon discovered his talent to design classical luxurious dresses with a hint of a modernity.


Abou Fayssal therefore relies on excellent fabric materials, and tries to bring out a feminine touch through his extravagant and original designs. He also showcased his designs at Fashion Forward Dubai 2016.



1 – What or who inspired you to become a designer and what inspired your designs?


Ever since I was a kid, I used to play with leftover fabric to design some dresses on my dolls. This passion in me grew, and inspired me to become a fashion designer. I also usually get inspired by my clients, natural elements, and the various different cultures I come across when I travel.



2 – How did you break through the competition since there are so many designers out there?


I always follow my inspirations and try my best to be original in my designs.



3 – How do you differentiate yourself from other designers? What makes your work unique?


I design clothes for strong, independent women who have unique tastes and want to shine and stand out from the crowd.



4 – What was your most challenging job as a designer? Why?


My most challenging job as a designer was to create a whole new original and unique collection is a very short time. It was also difficult to design something that would stand out due to the rising amount of fashion designers in the industry.



5 – Why did you decide to participate in the Fashion Forward 2016 Dubai event and how did you manage to have your designs showcased there?


Fashion Forwards is a very important event in the region, and it is a good experience new designers should become a part of. We also are a part of the Dubai Design District, a partner of FFWD, so we got a call from them offering us to be a part of the event.



6 – What materials and colors do you prefer to use in your designs, and what is you favorite fashion style?


I tend to use soft or thick materials and pastel colors. I also prefer the classical fashion style with a modern touch.



7 – What was your greatest success in your career?


My greatest successes were to participate in the 6th FFWD and become one of the finalists at WION by Vogue Italia and Abu Dhabi Mall.



8 – What other future plans do you have regarding your career?


I would definitely want to expand our brand and focus on new challenges – I’m thinking of starting a ready-to-wear clothing line as well.



Interview conducted by: Luma Kudsiova