Interview with Cristiano Ronaldo

  • European Golden Boot 2015
  • Fifa Ballon D’Or 2014
  • Globe Soccer best Player of the Year award
  • Globe Soccer Fan’s Favorite Player Award
  • Cordao Autonomico de Distincao of the government of Madeira
  • Club World Cup
  • BBC Overseas Sports Personality award
  • World’s Top Goalscoarer 2013 (25 goals in European competitions for club and country)
  • Alfredo Di Stefano award
  • Pichichi award
  • Best Player, Best Forward and Best Individual Goal awards for La Liga
  • UEFA Best Player in Europe


SACOOR BROTHERS – You’re a man of dreams. Do you have any dreams that haven’t come true yet?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Yes, I’m a man of dreams, but normally “I dream with my eyes wide open”. I mean that I think everything is possible in life. It just depends on your aims. And what has happened in my life is a reality. Obviously, it was a dream that came true and I’m happy about that.


SACOOR BROTHERS – Talking about your personal life: as a father, I’m sure you have some dream profession for your son. How do you imagine his future?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Honestly, I don’t know. He’ll be what he wants to be. I won’t pressure him, in any way, to be a footballer. I think it’s a personal decision. But, I must admit I’d like him to be a footballer – I won’t deny that – but time will tell.


SACOOR BROTHERS – And do you make a point of him growing up in a real world of values, of family standards?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – I try. The most important thing is upbringing, obviously, the family values I was brought up with too.


SACOOR BROTHERS – Do you pass that on to him?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Exactly. I think it’s something we can control and, basically, what I’ve been doing as a father. Because of the experience I’ve had with my nieces and nephews too, I think I’m bringing my son up well. And If I have more children, I’ll keep doing the same thing.


SACOOR BROTHERS–That’s ironic, because at an extremely important time in everybody’s lives, you were away from your family. And now you feel that family union is one of the great pillars of your success. Isn’t it ironic that when most children had their family around them, you did not, yet now you feel that family union is one of the great pillars of your success.


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Of course. Mainly at the beginning, when I was younger, I turned to my family for help in making decisions. Then later, although I haven’t stopped doing it, with time and experience, and especially being a father, that changed me. In fact, I never thought that having a child – another member of the family – could change everything in my life at an emotional level.


SACOOR BROTHERS – You’re a hero for millions… do you have heroes too?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – I associate heroes with people we admire, people in other professions, in other areas.




CRISTIANO RONALDO – Film actors, people who do sports I enjoy, like basketball, golf, formula 1… For me a hero isn’t a person whose autograph I want, but a person whose opinion interests me.


SACOOR BROTHERS– Is there any star you’d like to send a message to?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Actresses, actors? Maybe Denzel Washington. I like him a lot. And the same goes for Brad Pitt and his wife: Angelina Jolie. And Jodie Foster too.


SACOOR BROTHERS – Are you vain?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – A little. I think we should all be a little vain. There’s even a new generation that takes more care of themselves. As least that’s what I’ve noticed – especially when I look at my own family… my parents, my aunts and uncles. I think this new generation is more careful with image, but not too much so. A little care does nobody any harm.


SACOOR BROTHERS – Have you ever lost your head over an item of clothing?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – Once or twice, because of shoes.


SACOOR BROTHERS – What is the meaning of life for you?


CRISTIANO RONALDO – The meaning of life is simple. It’s living as intensely as possible. Leaving my mark on my profession. I think I’ve already done that and I’m going to keep on doing it. At a personal level, it’s being happy, having a decent life and being an example to young people.


SACOOR BROTHERS – One last comment, about Sacoor Brothers…


CRISTIANO RONALDO – First of all, I have great empathy with the Sacoor Brothers team. As for the product, I don’t think there’s much to say: it’s a top quality product. I’m proud to work with Sacoor Brothers. It’s a privilege for me and I hope our partnership continues for many years.