The Shine Innovation Gliss Kur Million Gloss for Incredible Millionised Reflexes

Shiny, shinier, gloss! A dream has just come true for women with dull hair that lacks shine: now, the new Gliss Kur Million Gloss creates breathtaking shine while it conditions hair. The formula with concentrated gloss elixir repairs the hair deep down in the core with hair-identical substances and uses lamination technology to create a super-concentrated shine with millionised reflexes. In damaged hair the cuticle is rough, making the hair look dull and lacking in shine. To restore shine, the new product coats each hair with a mirror-like film that provides maximum reflection and gives the coveted gloss effect that lasts up to ten days.


Hair is our most beautiful accessory and only healthy, conditioned hair is truly beautiful hair. It is worth investing in hair care. Healthy hair has soft, supple hair fibre and a natural shine. Once the surface of the hair becomes uneven and rough it is no longer able to fully reflect the light. Dull, lifeless hair needs treatment that repairs it deep down at the core and at the same time smoothes the surface. Conventional treatments use formulas that only partially coat the hair, resulting in incomplete shine. So how does one attain fascinating, glossy shine? The answer is provided by an innovative technology: the new Gliss Kur Million Gloss with Lamination Technology creates breathtaking shine and millionised reflexes. The formula with liquid hair components coats each single hair with a mirror-like, maximum-shine coat, providing deep-acting repair, super shiny reflexes and a supremely glossy effect.


The Million Gloss Shampoo cleanses dull hair gently and combines deep repair with highly concentrated shine as it cleans. After washing the Million Gloss Conditioner  smoothes the hair, refills fissures, detangles the hair and makes it instantly more combable. The Million Gloss Express Repair Conditioner a fabulously handy new treatment: it doesn’t need to be rinsed out and can also be sprayed onto dry hair, making it the perfect solution for those in a hurry or as a quick conditioning top-up between washes. The hero product of the range is the Million Gloss 10-Day Shine Treatment, because a full hair care regime needs shampoo, conditioner and a hair treatment. In only one minute, the Shine Treatment provides intensive, deep repair treatment with liquid hair components and long-lasting, breathtaking gloss that lasts up to ten days. The Million Gloss Instant Aid Intensive Treatment also repairs hair damage in only one minute and provides intensive shine lamination. The bottle is resealable and the 20 ml size makes this treatment handy for taking along when traveling.




Shampoo 400ml – AED 18.00


Conditioner 200ml – AED 13.25


Mask – AED 25.50




UAE – Exclusively in Carrefour


KSA – Exclusively in Nahdi Pharmacies


KWT – Available in Coops