Fashion Forward Dubai



This collection is an ode to my heritage and my total appreciation for the boho trend- I never tire of its’ nostalgic, warm, free elements. I transposed this idea of freedom by adding movement and texture with tassels and loose, encased uncut diamonds.


Uncut diamonds have an alluring, mysterious beauty to them, and I have fashioned them with oxidised, mixed metals to showcase my love of big, bold vintage styles. Our diamonds and precious stones have been pave set, a skill and design that our brand excels at, and our Ruby Lotus Earrings exhibits this perfectly. Every piece has a contemporary twist, and can be worn in a multitude of ways, whether at an Indian wedding or music festival.




I have always loved botanical gardens and lush tropical landscapes. I become consumed by the richness of colour, perfume and organic shapes and wish to translate nature’s opulence into jewels. Blossoms have forever been a symbol of femininity and beauty, and what better precious stones than pink sapphires and rubies to mirror such affinities.


I’m expecting a baby girl so perhaps this has also influenced my choice of gems and rose gold! An essential part of our collection is the varied ways one can wear our blossoms; tassels can be removed and our Flower Masterpiece can be worn as a ring, pendant and brooch. Nature can be seen and felt all around, I want to encourage women to wear it everywhere too!




Zenith is an ever evolving collection. I admire clean lines and elegant asymmetry and have created geometric shapes to reflect this. Two- dimensional and three- dimensional shapes are embellished with diamonds so that even simple designs have scintillating highlights. I also wanted to create a collection that serves as a balance to our overtly feminine pieces- our apex studs and cuffs for example are made of solid gold and studded with diamonds. This collection has a fine fit, but plenty of understated attitude.