Wow by Wojooh launches 17 New Beauty Tools – A Must-Have for any Beauty Lover!

Calling all beauty lovers – Wow by Wojooh has answered all of our makeup prayers and has launched a mega 17 brand new beauty tools this November.


Just as no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory – no makeup kit is complete without the perfect beauty accessories! Accessorize all of our favorite beauty products with the perfect beauty tools from Wow by Wojooh. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate nail art tools, some trusted skin accessories or even a fab case to house all of your beauty essentials, Wow by Wojooh has you covered.


Nailed It


For all of the nail art obsessed, Wow by Wojooh is your new go-to nail haven. Visit our brand new Accessories Hub and discover all of our new and super fun nail accessories, perfect for all our trending nail art looks. Get detailed with our Nail Art Pen for all those funky designs we crave, or take the easy route and go for our Nail Art Stickers with a super simple application. But most importantly, for any beauty lover it’s essential that we keep our nails nice and clean. Our brand new and super cute Mini Manicure Set is perfect for an on-the-go mini mani!


SOS Silky Smooth


In our regions hot and humid weather its essential we take care of our beautiful skin. Wow by Wojooh loves nothing more than a clean canvas before any makeup look, so to help all you beautistas out we have launched some of our favorite skin must haves.  Our Silky Smooth Exfoliating Face Tool allows for the gentlest exfoliation! It can be used with any of your favorite cleansers or scrubs and will leave you with that silkiest and smoothest face.


Let’s not forget to Yes Tweeze! Us girls at Wow by Wojooh cannot leave the house without our tweezers. If you’re running around town and notice a little eyebrow imperfection, take out our tiny little Mini Must-Have Mini Tweezer, and pluck that baby out!


Bag It Up


To finish off our beauty tools collection, we just had to launch our super cool new makeup bags – because for all us makeup lovers, we can never have enough storage! Our brand new Melt No More Beauty Cooler, has to be the coolest makeup case yet. For all us girls who live in this warm region, there’s nothing more devastating than our favorite lipstick melting in the car. Keep all your makeup faces safe from the heat with our innovative Melt No More Beauty Cooler.