Davidoff The Game SAGA – A Woody Fragrance For Every Man

Davidoff The Game’s player is a man of the world. Charismatic, he is fully aware that every gesture counts. This gives him a natural distinction, an aura of elegance that can command a man’s respect and ravish a woman’s heart. Skilled in the art of seduction, he can outplay the smartest opponent.


The Game collection from Davidoff presents three Eau de Toilettes, designed for men who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves. The collection states that existence is a game that should be played to win. Confidence breeds success and inspires respect and admiration. For in the end, only the bold will win the game and conquer the queen of his heart.


Davidoff The Game:


The Game was the 1st perfume launched from the Game family in 2012. Designed by master perfumer Bernard Ellena; it belongs to the aromatic woody family. A unique accord of Gin Fizz based on juniper berries generates a dazzling touch of style. The striking top note is closely followed by a rich heart note of iris artfully faceted with precious woods. This exclusive element gives the scent a very distinctive elegance. Refined blackwood forms the strong base note. It creates a powerful and sensual resonance that grounds the whole perfume. The resulting fragrance is an amazing contrast of vibrancy and refined sensuality.


The perfume bottle is an embodiment of success, with heavy see-through black glass and satin-finish silver patterns.


Davidoff The Game Intense:


Building on its forerunner, The Game Intense adds a very distinctive touch of seduction and audacity. This fragrance was launched in 2013 following the outstanding success received by The Game. In order to offer always more quality to the DAVIDOFF man, this fragrance increased in terms of intensity to provide the juice a renewed dimension of masculinity.


The intensity of the juice is reflecting through the perfume bottle, more elegant and visually striking with see-through black glass with mat black patterns for enhanced mystery.


Davidoff the Brilliant Game:


The Brilliant Game opened a new chapter of The Game saga in 2014. Based on an exclusive Americano cocktail accord, it reveals a new facet of The Game’s universe. According to Jacques Huclier (Givaudan), its creator, this perfume was inspired by “this incredible moment in a game when you feel confident, positive and victory is just a natural consequence”.


It is a woody oriental fragrance whose originality stems from its unique accords. The joyful and colourful top note was designed to emulate the aroma of an Americano cocktail. In lieu of Campari and vermouth, Jacques Huclier used a blend of clary sage, armoise, bitter orange and Sicilian lemon oil, recreating the sparkling and aromatic scent of the beverage.


The heart note is composed of another accord that mixes cedar wood and orange blossom. This unexpected assemblage extends the luminosity of the opening note and adds a vibrant, textured and mysterious force to it, combining virility and lasting power in a sophisticated, unique signature. A sensual and addictive Tonka Bean base note concludes this olfactory journey, reinforcing the presence of this assertive male fragrance.