Apple Watch 2 rumors… And what customers want to see!



First feedback


The first apple watch was released only 7 months ago, and rumors for the second-generation apple watch are already building up.



While the first-gen apple watch was a big hit among many, almost all believed that it would have been better with an increased battery capacity, and Apple seems to be working on that. According to a rumor from gforgames, “it looks like the display will be thinner in order to allow for a larger battery,” however, it is too early to say how long it might last.



Regardless, apple should definitely step up its game, especially since The Pebble Time Steel has a 10-day battery life compared to the current apple watch’s 18-hour battery life.



More to come!

And features…


Some rumors also state that Apple is thinking of adding a FaceTime camera, thereby introducing FaceTime calls on the watch.



Also, as most Apple watch users can notice, the watch is heavily reliant on the iPhone. According to Macworld.co.uk, “the Apple Watch can only support activity tracking, music playback and mobile payments without a paired iPhone, with many other features including text messaging, emailing and using third-party apps impossible without an iPhone for the Apple Watch to communicate with.” Recent rumors suggest that this reliance might be lessened, naming this new project, “project tether-less.”



“Find my iPhone” is another new feature that might be added to the second-gen apple watch, but will use “Wi-Fi router triangulation technology, as opposed to GPS.”



Rumor has it that Apple is also planning on introducing a new watch “between the most expensive steel Apple Watch (£949) and the cheapest Apple Watch Edition (£8,000),” which would suit “customers willing to pay between £1,000 and £8,000 for an Apple Watch,” according to Macworld.co.uk.



Additionally, new materials including “tungsten, palladium, titanium or even platinum” might be introduced.



Customers’ features preferences


While that might be it for the current rumors, there are some features customers would love to see:



1 – Wireless charging


With wireless charging, the apple watch will have more capabilities to charge itself as more places start supporting wireless charging and charging hotspots.



2 – GPS


Currently, the Apple watch supports GPS only though iPhone support. Therefore, if it did contain a built-in GPS, it might be beneficial even for fitness-tracking apps.



3 – Built-in camera


The Apple watch could use a camera, not only for FaceTime, but also for photography and video.



4 – Keyboard


With a keyboard, sending messages might be easier, especially since now, the Apple watch relies on voice dictation.



5 – Higher waterproofing


While the Apple watch is waterproof in rain, showering and swimming with the Apple watch is not recommended. Therefore, higher waterproofing would be appreciated.



The second-generation Apple watch is rumored to be released in April of 2016, and while none of the rumors can be confirmed until its official release, they do help us paint a better picture of the product.  Let’s wait and see!



By: Luma Kudsiova