Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale THE NIGHT DETOXIFYING ESSENCE (Skincare) 2015



Orchidée Impériale’s first night care designed to “detoxify” the skin and release cellular energy. The skin’s nocturnal revitalising process is reactivated.


For the first time since its creation in 2006, Exceptional Complete Care from Guerlain is offering a specific nighttime product.


Aesthetic performance and technological prowess combine in this skincare infused with duality – two phases, two actions, two effects – to enhance the experience and optimise the results.


“Detox + Energy”, Orchidée Impériale The Night Detoxifying Essence delivers an incredibly effective and highly desirable, perfect twofold action to purify your skin and encourage its regeneration when confronted with a polluted atmosphere that smothers its youthfulness.


The quintessence of Guerlain elegance. The precious bead, a symbol of balance, suspended on the threshold of the two phases for optimal blending on application.




Two actions, two effects for extraordinary regeneration night after night


An innovative combination of a powerful cell detoxifier, Purifynol, and Gold Orchid Technology, The Night Detoxifying Essence’s formula works its double action during the night for a double purification-regeneration* effect on the surface and at the heart of the skin.


1. Purification


A “detox” action at the heart of the epidermis, in the mitochondrial network itself. Purifynol, composed of a soy protein extract** chosen for the effectiveness of its natural defence mechanism, traps the free radicals generated by the pollutants that have infiltrated the skin and protects the mitochondrial network against the formation of carbonyl groups*.


2. Regeneration


Born of the research conducted by the Guerlain Orchidarium, Gold Orchid Technology simultaneously infuses the detoxified cells with its extraordinary revitalising energy, boosting – in a virtuous circle – the skin’s regeneration process*.


In 24 hours, Gold Orchid Technology doubles the expression of genes for energy production, triples the expression of genes for energy location and recreates the mitochondrial network subject to oxidative stress*.


… for a double effect: on the surface and at the heart of the skin


From the surface to the heart of the skin, the cells are detoxified, as if they had been “cleansed” of all traces of pollution; they can breathe. The skin’s energy is released, its production maximised, and its regenerative power reactivated.




Use before going to bed on perfectly clean, moisturised skin. Shake well and apply to face and neck using your fingertips and/or cotton wool, avoiding the eye contour area.




Boost circulation to stimulate the skin’s natural detoxifying action:


1. With both palms, smooth from the chin up towards the ears with firm strokes.


2. Then place your hands under the cheekbones and smooth outwards towards the ears.


3. Lastly, smooth from the forehead out to the temples. Carry out each step three times.




Placing your hands either side of your nose, cover the entire face and press five times slowly and firmly.


Then, roll your palms outwards from the centre of the face.


Repeat three times while moving your palms gradually towards the ears.




Renewed formulas to incorporate Gold Orchid Technology, the line’s extraordinary revitalising complex*, inviting every woman to enjoy the age-defying experience offered by the flower of longevity even more fully.




The ultimate bath of energy


Offering utterly addictive sensory pleasure, this extraordinary bath of energy delivers a fast and effective solution to counter the visible signs of ageing.


The epitome of age-defying skin revitalisation


Concentrated over a short and intense period, all the power of Gold Orchid Technology is passed from cell to cell to replenish the skin’s energy and vitality to the full*. At the same time, a soy protein extract with highly firming properties helps to create an instant lifting effect*.




A new tightening and remodelling force


Reinforced with Gold Orchid Technology, this invisible and tensor mesh offers the neck and décolleté a skin care product carefully designed for this delicate area, which tends to age first.


Fine and lacking in sebaceous glands, exposed to external aggressors and constantly pulled by head movements, the skin prematurely loses its tone and support. Subject to dryness and roughness, it becomes lined and wrinkled.


An exceptional age-defying mesh


Based on Gold Orchid Technology, the formula incorporates an exclusive plant duo with proven anti-slackening properties. Geranium extract fights against the deterioration of collagen fibres, which guarantee the skin’s structure and tone*. Soy protein extract stimulates the myofibroblasts responsible for supporting fibres under tension*.