Eventissime By Julia Presents A New Unique Experience – Studio Harcourt Paris Is Coming To UAE

Dubai, UAE, October 8th 2015: Eventissime by Julia will bring Studio Harcourt Paris to the UAE. Known for its exceptional black and white photography, Studio Harcourt Paris will offer clients  from the Middle East a unique and unforgettable experience of capturing individual as well as family portraits in the comfort of their private residences.


Julia Baudin, Founder of Eventissime by Julia, says: “We are excited to bring this new concept to the UAE. We have an excellent opportunity for our clients to get a taste of Studio Harcourt Paris’ expertise and their exceptional touch in re-creating the Parisian ambiance and unique lighting, for unique black and white portraits that can immortalize your personality. Like the most famous people all over the world who have been captured on camera such as  Monica Belucci, Laetitia Casta, Queen Rania of Jordan, Olga Kurylenko, Dita Von Teese.”


Thanks to the Studio Bespoke , Studio Harcourt Paris can confer light to any location. They can bring their whole Studio to any venue you wish and give you access to the whole Studio Harcourt Universe. You can thus take the spirit of Studio Harcourt Paris home with you.


With the region’s love for horses, Studio Harcourt Paris can also photograph Arabian horses at private residences or stables in the UAE.


Founded in 1934 by Cosette Harcourt, in association with Robert Ricci and the Lacroix brothers, Studio Harcourt Paris has immortalized the greatest figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Its world-famous signature draws its inspiration from the glamorous roots of black and white cinema. Thanks to its unique lighting, Studio Harcourt Paris brings out the natural glow of each model. The Harcourt touch is defying time, with inimitable style: the perfect combination between mystery and legend.