The New ‘Coral Logo’ Lights Up Across Coral Hotels & Resorts Network in Middle East

As part of the rebranding of Coral Hotels & Resorts, the group accomplished a major milestone this month with the exterior signages affixed across its portfolio of hotels in the Middle East. The outdoor signages were a key aspect of the rebranding process.


Making the announcement Laurent A. Voivenel, CEO of HMH, said, “Coral Hotels & Resorts is a leading 4- and 5-star brand in the Halal-friendly segment and strongly positioned in the Middle East to win a bigger market share with a high visibility and reach. We are proud to see the new ‘Coral’ logo lit up across the brand’s network of hotels in the region. It was the final phase in the massive two-year long rebranding process. The new logo is now fully aligned on print, digital and outdoor media in all our hotels and looks absolutely stunning”.


Coral’s new logo offers a strong, consistent and focused brand identity on all customer-facing fronts. Laurent stressed, “As a brand we serve customers who attend to multiple media simultaneously. Our primary objective is to engage and build strong relationships with our guests. The new identity breaks away from tradition and is primarily aimed at leveraging Coral Hotels & Resorts competitive advantage. We have been receiving fabulous feedback from our guests about our new logo who find it extremely trendy and easy to spot”.