The Gucci cosmetics collection is a union of fashion authority and luxury make-up artistry.


Precisely outlined, framed with beautifully long lashes, the Gucci woman’s eyes reveal an alluring, infinite depth.


Gucci Cosmetics presents an innovation designed for the Gucci woman’s most distinguishing feature.



Infinite Length Mascara delivers sleek, infinitely alluring length. Marrying a cutting-edge elastic formula with a brush intentionally crafted for professional precision, it enhances and elongates the appearance of lashes. Infinite Length Mascara’s malleable formula clings onto bare lashes and stretches out beyond their tips like latex or molten vinyl.


The recipe for this distinctive formula structure combines a clay-free, resin-based mixture that is blended together with filmflex polymers containing low-melting point waxes. The result is a strong, flexible and ultra-fluid application that is delivered to the lashes with the remarkably slim, twisted wire brush. The short, densely packed bristles are built with V-shaped reservoirs that ensure the right pickup and loading of the formula to the lashes.


Innovative formula

Clay-free, resin-based mixture blended with filmflex polymers containing low-melting point waxes

Strong and flexible

Ultra fluid application

Coats lashes with elastic film

Stretches lashes for length and intensity

Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers


Tooled Precision Brush

Intentionally crafted, ultra slim twisted wire brush

Short, densely packed bristles with V-shaped reservoirs to pickup and distribute the right amount of formula

Infinite Lash Results

Stretches and elongates the appearance of bare lashes by 47%


INFINITE LENGTH MASCARA SHADES: Iconic Black 010, Cocoa 020, Midnight Blue 030.