Natural hair lightening tips



Bleach might not be your hair’s best friend when it comes to hair lightening. However, if you want to add some slight highlights, then resort to these natural hair-lightening tips that might do the job without any damage:



1 – Lemon juice


Take equal amounts of lemon juice and water (preferably distilled) and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray your hair with the mixture and allow the sun to dry your hair.



Lemon is very effective in hair lightening since it contains citric acid that lightens the hair pigment. The sun also breaks down melanin in hair, giving it a lighter appearance. You can also add olive oil in this mixture to make it more hydrating.



2 – Chamomile tea


Brew some strong chamomile tea and apply it in a spay bottle. You can add some lemon juice to strengthen the lightening effect, and spray your hair.



Best results are also seen when you let your hair dry in the sun.



However, this might not be very effective for very dark hair since chamomile only brings out naturally blond highlights.



3 – Honey and cinnamon




            2tbsp. raw honey

            2tbsp. cinnamon (only for very dark hair)

            1tbsp. olive oil (if your hair is dry)

            2tbsp. lemon juice

            ½ cup water for long hair and ¼ cup for short



Honey and cinnamon contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which lightens the hair.



Mix all the ingredients and allow the mixture to sit for an hour for the hydrogen peroxide level to build up.



Apply the mixture on your hair and keep it on for an hour (or even overnight) before rinsing it off with water.



Do not expose your hair to heat during this mask since it will halt the hydrogen peroxide from forming.



Also, try to prevent this mixture from touching your scalp as it may irritate sensitive skin.



4 – Vinegar


Vinegar not only cleanses the hair and restores its PH, but it also lightens it.



Use apple cider vinegar to achieve auburn tones, and white vinegar to achieve blond highlights.



Mix same amounts of vinegar and water and apply on hair. Be careful not to get it in your eyes, and make sure you also prevent it from touching your scalp since it could irritate it.



Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing.



You can also mix it with honey to increase the lightening effect.



5 – Vitamin C capsules


Vitamin C works similarly to lemon juice since it contains citric acid.



Simply crush 8 vitamin C tablets and mix the powder with your regular shampoo. Then, apply on damp hair, wait a few minutes, and wash it out.



6 – Rhubarb


Chop ¼ cups of rhubarb with two cups of water and bring to a boil. Separate the juice and wait for it to cool.



Apply it on your hair for only 10 minutes since it will then get sticky and hard to remove, and wash your hair with shampoo.



Remember that although these tips might slightly lighten the hair, they cannot turn dark hair completely blond, and even then, it takes frequent application for any visible results to be seen since it’s a natural process.



But if you do want some natural highlights and shine without chemical use, then definitely don’t hesitate to try these methods for yourself!



By: Luma Kudsiova