Marli New York unveils its fashionable new designs in Dubai

Dubai, UAE – Inspired by the vibrant city of New York and flaunting old-fashioned aspirations of traditional jewelry, Marli New York unveils its new designs in Dubai. Reinventing itself with every new design set, Marli New York prides itself on replicating the city’s heartbeat and designing for the beautiful and modern woman of today.


Breaking the barrier between jewelry and women in a way that it becomes a part of her lifestyle, Marli New York unveiled the following design sets:



Chelsea draws its inspiration from the linear park built on an elevated section of a disconnected and out-of-use railroad trestle, in Manhattan, known as the High Line. Simultaneously linked to the street life below and disconnected form it, this structure and the collection it influenced, symbolizes the complex relationship between fragmentation and wholeness. Chelsea’s understated yet innovative design aesthetic reflects our interest in structural minimalism and linear forms. Rendered in diamonds and gold; white, rose, yellow, Chelsea consists of chokers, earrings, bracelets, and rings.



IV features designed inspired by the work of contemporary sculpture Mark Di Suvero. The collection’s linear open structure explores the interplay between negative space and resulting shapes that are consequently formed. Rendered in diamond and gold; white, rose, yellow, IV is comprised of collar, cuff earring, bracelets, and rings.


Head to Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s Dubai and discover the radiant and very fashion-forward design sets from Marli New York!