Nayomi Launches its Majestic Arabian Princess Collection

Dubai, UAE, 22 September 2015 – Nayomi, the region’s leading nightwear and lingerie retailer, has announced the launch of its first Arabian inspired perfume range- the Arabian Princess Collection. Comprising of 3 signature scents, each is inspired by femininity and the mystery and charm of Arabia.


Available in all Nayomi stores from 20th October 2015.


The collection includes three unique fragrances: Oud Mystérieux; a sumptuous celebration of Oud, the most iconic Arabic scent, Bouquet Fantastique; a one-of-a-kind, luxurious floral burst, magnifying Tuberose and blossoms; and Rose Orientale, a tribute to the Damascena rose, the most precious and majestic of all roses.


Oud Mystérieux: The heady mix of precious spices and orange blossom casts a spellbinding touch of femininity, while the signature woody base created with the most precious Indian Oud and Patchouli embraces the Arabian charm and epitomizes the scent of luxury. The fragrance opens with a mix of precious fruity and spicy notes while the flower heart composed of rose and orange blossom brings a delicate touch and subtlety.


Bouquet Fantastique: Native to Mexico and now harvested in India at the precise time the sun rises, the essence of the delicate Tuberose is a revelation in the Bouquet Fantastique. Bearing white, star-shaped flowers, the Tuberose releases one of the most captivating fragrances in the plant world. Tuberose flowers between October and November and only the blossoms that begin to unfold are collected. The fragrance also includes blends of the freshest scents including the Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine.


Rose Orientale: The precious Damascena rose has been coveted for centuries and is one of the most precious roses used in perfumery for its captivating scent and uniquely mesmerizing notes. The Damascena rose comes from Persia, where the harvest takes place during the months of May to June between 4:00am to 11:00am, a crucial time that ensures that the sun does not alter the scent of the rose. The fragrance also has undertones of sandalwood and musk that add a touch mystery and drama.


The Arabian Princess collection is available across Nayomi’s 200 stores in the GCC. For additional information, please visit: or download the Nayomi App from your App store to preview the current collection.