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DJ Vicky



Vicky Kojayan, AKA DJ Vicky, was born in Dubai – UAE. Being a Lebanese-Armenian, she was raised in Beirut-Lebanon and retuned to live in the UAE for the past two years. 


“Music has been an inspiration to me and DJing is not a job, but a passion for me” as says.


From Beirut’s faddish bars to Dubai’s befitting restaurants and bars, DJ Vicky combines and plays both old and contemporary music in different styles ranging from Salsa, Raggae, Jazz, Raggaeton, Merrengue, to Trap and Swing covers.


Additionally, Vicky also plays Electro Swing and Trance, House, and Deep House versions of the 80s, 90s and music from the 2000s. Furthermore, she also plays Chillout/Lounge, Soft Rock Classics, and love songs of all times. She is also very crowd-pleasing and interactive with a target to achieve gratification.



Her music is described as “entertaining,” “versatile” and “accessible.”



1 – What or who inspired you to pursue a career in DJing?



I grew up surrounded by music all the time, and it has been my passion for the past 25 years. I always wanted to play for people and make them listen to what I’ve got. My husband, who is also a DJ and a Producer, encouraged me to start DJing and saw this potential in me and wanted me to bring it all out; that’s how I reached to this point in my career.



2 – As a DJ, what do you think is the hardest part about your job?



The hardest part about DJing is the fact that you can’t please everyone, since every person has his or her own taste in music. Usually, I am able to please 80% of the crowd, but never everyone, and even that is difficult to achieve.



3 – What are your achievements as a DJ?



My achievements as a DJ include being requested to play at private parties and get offers to be hired in other venues where I can entertain the crowd and make them enjoy the beats and the music I play.



4 – Have you encountered any issues for being a female DJ, especially since this is usually stereotyped as a man’s job?



Not at all! Times have changed and people are now much more open-minded. Additionally, these days, female DJs are of high request and are booked even more than male DJs, especially for ladies’-only venues and other similar locations, so that is not a problem I encounter in my career.



5 – What locations do you play in?



At present, I play in Healey’s Bar an Bonington JLT; however, previously I have played in other locations including Novotel in Al Barsha and Sofitel in The Palm.



6 – What kind of music do you enjoy playing the most and why?



I play a combination of Salsa and New Raggae/Jazz/Swing Covers, Re-Edits of 70,80s/90s, Chill-out/Lounge, Deep House/House. However, the music I enjoy playing the most is Uplifting Trance. Unfortunately, hard music styles are not supported in Dubai.



7 – What advice would you give people who are trying to pursue a career similar to yours?



Be unique and most importantly, be yourself and do not follow the regular patterns. Do it for the love of music, and not for the love of fame and money, since your passion is always the most important aspect in your career. Also, be open to different kinds of genres and educate yourself well in this field of music and always keep your goal set in your mind.



Interviewed by Luma Kudsiova