GUERLAIN The Exclusive Collections “Mon Exclusif”

The real scandal of fragrance is its mystery.
For it escapes us. Only the bottle can claim to contain and retain it. The magical side is what remains to us: the freedom of wearing it, the freedom of telling your own story. Those women who appreciate this flexibility of tone won’t be disappointed. Part of the Exclusives by Guerlain, that fine perfumery niche available in a few rare places, it marks an unexpected breakaway. It departs from the restrictions of its genre. In three large strides, it has stepped free from the traditional rhetoric of scent.


So what is this story?
A bold woman who gets straight to the point. She knows what she wants. She takes what she likes. She is direct and unapologetic. She commands respect, for this is just as she likes it. She rummages through her man’s bathroom shelf, steals his fragrance… Her luxury is her whim. She is daring. Her beauty exudes  boldness. Her pleasure is obvious, sometimes even explicit (it is, Darling). How many are in this relationship? Her, her man and her Exclusive.


for the first time, this guerlain exclusive has no name!
Because every woman enjoys a sensual relationship with her fragrance, the House is offering her the freedom to choose the name of her exclusive scent. Georges, Emma, Darling…

It’s up to her to name the one that shares her life.


Here it is in its luxurious bottle.
What is it? A dragonfly’s wings? A bow tie? Let’s go for the latter and its instant stream of references. That’s precisely what we love in a fragrance: its freedom, of course, but also all of those threads that take us back to another age. This bottle with its luminous platinum halo and this delicate silver edging remind us of a twin brother: Coque d’or’s bottle. Remember: 1937, Jacques Guerlain composing this fragrance in homage to Sergei Diaghilev, the art critic and founder of the Ballets Russes. A thousand images already come flooding in. Its bottle is loosely inspired by men’s bow ties for gala evenings and ballerinas’ bows. Its name? A reference to Coq d’Or, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera choreographed for the Ballets Russes in 1914. A huge success that was a milestone in Diaghilev’s career.


Close your eyes. Here is an oriental fougère.
What we love in a perfume is not only the breath of history (belonging to a legend, inheriting its touch, its sillage), but also being swept up in an atmosphere, a mood.

A little theft from the male wardrobe. Anything goes, the gentlest of caresses, with a hint of lavender. It enfolds us, undresses us in its array and seduces us, kisses us on the mouth with its incredibly sensual toffee touch. It is Carla lavender, picked by the farmers from Baume des Anges, a French firm in the Drôme region that produces a superb collection of pure and natural aromas. The best sprigs are chosen there for three-star fine dining restaurants worldwide looking to procure one of the rarest lavenders in the world, with an airy, fine and slightly fruity character.


The magic of Guerlain orchestrated by Thierry Wasser would then be unleashed.
This dandy had long observed the artful strategies of his elders, secret-holders at heart, magicians of the ephemeral, creators of dreams. This artisan of happiness has performed the magical step of transforming a scent into a fragrance, an astounding feat of its kind. In this sensual imagining, he has been very careful not to lose a few spells, those famous moments, the “Guerlinade”. Suddenly a fragrance is born and takes flight. It finds its daring, danger and happiness. Lavender that is almost good enough to eat (a masculine nod) is paired with the softness of a precious and gentle sandalwood that boasts a remarkable tenacity. Then a toffee accord surprises the taste buds: an irresistible blend of salted butter caramel, coumarin and vanilla. Mandarin, iris. It is an apparition. Then everything calms down. There is even a blank moment (musks?) of deep silence. You are alone with your Exclusive. Your man is not far off. He will find a woman infused with daring and free thought, her mystery burning white hot.