Lacoste SS 16 Fashion Show in NYFW!

Rio de Janeiro, August 2016. For the second time, after Sochi in 2014, LACOSTE will dress the French Olympic delegation: parade, medal ceremony and village outfits will feature the colors of the crocodileThis unique and dynamic “rendez-vous”, charged with the history of sport in one of the world’s most energetic cities, is infused in the LACOSTE Spring/Summer 2016 runway collection.


The Olympic values, which according to the founder of the International Olympic Committee Pierre de Coubertin “are exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, mind and will but also encourage universality and fair play”,


A LACOSTE style that is, which Artistic Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista has reinvented every season since 2010. His research on the Olympic aesthetic from the 30’s until now, combined with the brand’s archives, have inspired a precise and dazzling collection that once again juxtaposes urban and sporty lines.