Alessandra Ambrosio wore Leticia Linton and Butani at Labor Day Weekend Closing Party


Founded in 1969, Butani has established itself as an internationally renowned designer of haute couture jewelry. The company has built a reputation for creating personalized handcrafted jewelry, with the belief that each jewel tells its own story. With a passion for beauty, perfection, and commitment to consistently reach new heights in haute couture design and attentive service, Butani has continued to design and create breathtaking jewelry that represents an expression of individuality, lifestyle and a desire for elegance. For more information, please visit www.butani.com


Leticia Linton:

Hailing from the tropics of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Leticia Linton is a jewelry designer known for studying and applying the power of gemstones. For the last six years, Leticia’s vision for her collection has been to use high quality jewels and expert craftsmanship, blend them together and create pieces that are not only beautiful, but that connect the wearer to natural powers that energize and bring physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Always attentive to new trends and elevating them with a unique perspective, Leticia Linton’s creations are a staple in every woman’s closet. For more information, please visit, www.lbldesign.com.br