Cheeks as tender as a rose petal,
an innovative colour-revealing blush,
a natural make-up result!


A natural glow, a blush that works in total fusion with the skin. Sport cheeks with a delicate glow as if you had just spent a day in the fresh air, with a lightweight, imperceptible finish. A feat made possible thanks to Rose aux Joues, a blush with a subtle floral scent that brings a pink flush to your cheeks with a single sweep of the brush. It couldn’t be easier to apply!


A natural colour-boosting blush


The prowess of “Pink Booster” pigments. Pigments that capture natural red light and enhance the cheeks’ natural pink hue. Thanks to their ultra-fine texture, these pigments allow the cheeks’ natural colour to show through in perfect affinity with the skin.


An elegant case


In its delicate black compact decorated with golden hot stamping, Rose aux Joues blush is adorned with an elegantly refined festoon motif.


Fresh, powdery, golden…


Six luminous and timeless shades for all seasons and all occasions. For an even more tender effect, they perfectly match all the KissKiss Roselip shades.


1. Morning Rose: a very fresh pink

2. Chic Pink: a soft brick with fine golden pearl sparkles

3. Peach Party: a tender coral

4. Crazy Bouquet: a sunny bright red

5. Wonder Violette: a powdery plum

6. Pink Me Up: a punchy pink.