(6 September 2015)  Just when you thought the last trump card had been played, Movida Dubai go and fly over one of the world’s most groundbreaking producer-DJ globetrotter, DJ Jean Claude Ades.


Having entertained the world capitals of electronic music with his distinctive sound – a style that he himself labels as ‘Deep Tech’ fused with vocals – this underground maestro is now taking centre stage at Dubai’s hottest nightspot on Saturday 12th September.

The Pussycat Dolls, Nightcrawlers and Deadmau5 are just some of the names DJ Jean Claude Ades has collaborated with – it is no wonder he has three number 1 Billboard hits under his belt! Along with his music accolades comes his signature and well-loved BeCrazy! event held at Ibiza’s sought after nightclub Lio, where he made his mark on this party island since 2012. 

Falling on Deep House Saturdays – a night which has recently welcomed resident DJ Jean B – Ades will be stirring up the crowd with his ahead-of-the-curve slamming tunes. 

It’s been claimed DJ Jean Claude Ades ‘has the power to transform music into pure emotional pleasure.’ So come get up close and personal with one of Ibiza’s top headliners who has been influencing musical trends for decades!



WHEN: Saturday 12th September
TIME:  11 PM
WHERE: Movida Dubai – 1st floor, Radisson Royal Hotel