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Al Bustan Centre & Residence organizes Health Talk Awareness for its employees

Initiative is part of its Responsible Awareness Program (RAP) to educate staff on the importance of better living, healthy diet and exercise  


Al Bustan Centre and Residence, the popular hotel

-apartment among tourists and businessmen in the heart of Dubai, recently organized a Health Awareness Campaign for its employees as part of its initiative on corporate social responsible programs.


In partnership with Zulekha Hospital, Dr. Shadan Rizvi, M.Sc (Food & Nutrition) Dietician gave a highly comprehensive presentation on the importance of healthy living, diet and exercise to the employees who attended the seminar. 


The campaign tackled about the causes of unhealthy routine which is mainly due to hectic work schedules and fast paced life, health is often neglected. Hence, Dr. Rizvi reminded that the best approach and easy method for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to plan out strategies which include balanced diet, healthy eating habits and doing physical activities.


Dr. Rezvi also emphasized that a balance diet includes maintaining low intake of salt and transfats found in fast food and to include an aerobics routine or walking schedule daily to boost heart and physiological functions as well as to help reduce stress levels. Some of the significant benefits of having a healthy lifestyle include decrease risk of diabetics, blood pressure, cholesterol and certain cancers.   


Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer, Al Bustan Centre and Residence said: “As the success of an organization is directly related to the health and welfare of its employees, our property undertakes a series of programs every year to educate and promote health. In our present day lifestyle, health is a factor that is often overlooked. However, as Dr. Rizvi pointed out, if corrective measures are actively implemented, such as healthy living, intake of a wholesome diet and inclusion of an active and regular exercise regimen, one can definitely maintain good health of body and mind.”


The event brought together hotel management and staff across all departments who are reminded with the old passage ‘Health is Wealth’ which means a healthy body means a healthy lifestyle.