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Beat the summer heat with Edo’s Mochi cream delivered at your doorstep

Beat the heat this season with the Mochi Cream dessert range now delivered right at your doorstep


Created with the soft oriental flavors and feel of the traditional rice cakes, Mochi cream takes a contemporary spin on Japanese delicatessen to create the flavoured-filled doughs with a surprise cream center. As the heat of the summer takes the city by storm, Edo Café has now made these delightful little desserts available for home and work delivery for those with a sweet tooth!


Edo provides a convenient and safe delivery of the coveted Mochi Cream desserts in their intelligent dry-ice packing that lock in the cool flavor of this well-balanced sweet despite extreme climates. We deliver in our super freezer truck that will keep the needful temperature.


The Asian concept café provides its exclusive range of rice-cake inspired desserts for delivery at the comfort of home or work to cater to any sweet craving. Exploding with rich, icy flavor, Edo’s Mochi Cream makes for a memorable gastronomic journey that soothes and revitalizes at the end of a hot day.